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Amber Glass
Amber Glass
Life Coaching
Amber Glass


I am psychic empathic medium Amber Glass and I have the ability to look into my clients soul and see the radiance of their divine being. I can see and feel auras and once I start talking to someone I can pick up on the energies surrounding them and the person of interest they are inquiring about. Please know there is no judgment. You can ask anything that’s been on your mind. My readings will always provide you with peace, clarity and new insight. I specialize in love and career. Will you get the job? Will you get the promotion? How does your boss feel about your work? Are your coworkers for or against you? Let's find out. I am extremely accurate and my Clairvoyant abilities allow me to see the past, present, and future. Clairaudient gifts let me hear information from my spirit guides. Empathic abilities allow me to feel energy from people, situations, and objects. I am Claircognizant, which gives me knowledge of events beforehand. I am also a Medium. I am able to communicate with disembodied spirits. I am here to help you and provide you with guidance to get you the results that you are seeking from a situation.


I come from a family with deep roots in the divination arts. My divination and connection tools include various forms of tarot, pendulum, scrying, crystal ball, empathic meditation, numerology, automatic writing, and astral projection. I have extensive knowledge of crystals and using them for healing and for unblocking chakras. My ability to read and interpret dreams provides comfort and understanding to quell fears. Throughout my many years as a clairvoyant, I have built up a trust with my many clients. I’m very patient, understanding and always eager to help those in need of spiritual guidance. I have had many experiences in communicating with the spirits of lost loved ones to give my clients a sense of peace and closure. I have dealt with a vast array of situations and helped to solve many issues weighing on the heart and soul. I am nonjudgmental so feel free to ask me anything. My gifts allow me to entrance through the veils between realms giving me insight into various frequencies and energies. I am an expert spiritualist and I can help in all fields. Please allow me to be your spiritual eyes.




May 19, 2023
If he got to a point of happiness would he cheat or ride it out with me?
Dec 13, 2022
Dec 2, 2022
Aug 30, 2022
seems to be able to connect. hope the prediction comes true
Aug 21, 2022
please send dreee minutes
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