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98% accurate.i offer many differnt services to help advise and guide you through that witch you can not see understand or overcome alone i will tell your past as it was prasent as it is and future as it will be. no matter your question or concern I promise the answers and guidence you seek are close at hand. i am passionate about helping otheres and take pride in what i do.helping thoughes in need through the there most diffacult problems and most challenging situations with 22 years exp giving psychic palm tarot card Readings and love and relationship advice and guidance removing negitve energys clearing auras balancing chakras reuniting lovers as we’ll as providing guidence and direction to my clients in person and over the phone and online i can and will give you the answers you need to change the outcome of your situation. With knowledge comes power and clarity let me help you gain that today


i have been doing psychic readings since i been 14 years old i have studied palmisty astrology numerology angel tarot & the chakras as well as thee occult to strengthen and widen my gifts i own two of my own psychic shops one in canand and one in the uk i am a passionate and understanding person trust worthy and none judgmental my readings are clear direct and to the point no sugar coated answers or beating around the bush get the answers you need when you need them .

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