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Do you struggle with doubt, questions, or uncertainty about the future? Are you unsure about which path to take in life? I am a gifted psychic, clairvoyant and empath who has the ability to offer guidance using tarot. Let me help you find your way! I have been developing my gifts and abilities from a very young age with the support of my mother, who was a tarot reader and clairvoyant as well. At age 12, I became interested in studying astrology, dream interpretation and tarot. Over the years, I have practiced how to connect with the spirit realm using ancient rituals and magical practices. As an advisor, I use my tarot to gain insight, provide you with advisement, and read energies of people, the past, present, and future. I allow you to ask multiple questions and clarify meanings of the readings for you. I do not limit the questions you may ask and I do not need any additional information from you. I can help you look into the hidden feelings and circumstances of a situation and ask for spiritual advisement for the future. In my tarot readings, I utilize numerology and astrology in the reading so the identifications of the energies and situations are more accurate. As a past life reader, I can offer you advisement on your spiritual journey and give you accurate soulmate readings and advisement on your twin flame. I do dream interpretation and can advise you on using your dreams to discover messages from the subconscious to help guide you in your relationships and daily life.


I have been reading for friends and family since age 12 and have been practicing magic for over 20. For the past 5 years, I have expanded to reading at psychic fairs, doing private readings, and providing readings for community charities. Over the years, I have developed the ability to not only provide accurate readings through tarot, but also other realms of Divination. About 2 years ago, I began using my abilities as an empath and clairvoyant to provide readings for past life. I use dream interpretation, tarot, and energy readings to help you improve the trajectory of your soul's journey and connection to the universe. I have been practicing numerology and interpreting angel numbers for the past three years and use these numbers to help you receive messages and guidance from your angels. I have intensely studied astrology and horoscopes and use guidance from the spirits to make weekly and monthly predictions in love, career, money, and relationships for your astrological sign.

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Oct 11, 2020
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