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Psychic Amanda
Psychic Amanda
Love & Relationships
Psychic Amanda


Hi My Name Is Amanda I'M A GOD GIFTED PSYCHIC INDIGO SPIRITUALIST BORN WITH EXTRASENSORY ABILITY I've Mastered All Spiritual Ancient Arts Of The Tarot Cards Crystal Ball Palmistry Astrology Readings Chakra Healing Reiki Healing I Also Provide Other Services Alpha-Beta-Theta-Gamma Frequency Sessions For Love-Health-Wealth-Success. I'VE HELPED THOUSANDS OF MEN WOMEN CHILDREN OF ALL RACES RELIGIONS WORLDWIDE IN ALL PROBLEM AREAS OF LIFE IN LOVE-HEALTH-BUSINESS-PERSONAL MATERS-ADDICTIONS -SPIRITUAL PROBLEMS-RE-UNITING LOVERS. All Problem Areas In Your Life Will Disappear With My Help I'm 98.7% Accurate In All Of My Readings Based On Clientele Surveys Testing Done At The A.S.P.R Society With Over 20 Years Of Experience. ♡"I Will See Tell All With No Questions Asked"♡ I'm Born Spiritually Gifted I Use Meditations Spells Along With Prayer The Power Of The Lord To Further Help My Clients Being Indigo Born I'm Very Sensitive In Tune With My Surroundings With People Who Are Near Me. This Is How I Gain Information By Sensing The Energies Around Me But This Is Only Part Of How I Gain Esoteric Crucial Information To Gain Further In-depth Information Like When Where & How to Communicate To Spirits Guides Angels Through Scrying Techniques Now In Order For Me To Tune In Even More To My Ability I Must Meditate & Fast Regularly To Heighten My Abilities. To Help My Clients Even Further I Use The Power Of Prayer Certain Alchemies Of Incense Oils Rituals The Crystal Ball To Intensify Frequencies Around Me To Get A Better Connection With My Client The Tarot Cards To Read Further In To Their Lives These Are My Tools This Is My Gift I Will Use Them To Bring Peace Happiness Love Upon You I'm Here To Help You Every Step Of The Way I Can Will Solve Your Problems.


I Can Fix All Problems Using My Abilities Gift To Help Guide You Place You On The Right Path For Peace Happiness Success Are You Curious Who Your Partner /Soul Mate Truly Is I Can Reveal This To You. I Can Tell You Where & WhenYou Will Meet. Wondering If There FaithfuI Can Reveal This To You. Want To Be Rich? I Can Increase Your Luck Wealth For You Or A Business Lucky Number, Days, Months, Hours. Do You Not Feel Like Yourself You Feel Like Your Life Is Not How You Intended Like Know Matter What You Do Everything Falls Apart This Can Be Negativity Through Chakra Or Spirits I Can Remove This From Individuals Families. Are You Weak Tired Don't Want To Work Or Even Get Out Of Bed I Will Change This For You To Give Your Energy To You. All This I Can Accomplish For You Using My Gift Prayers Meditations Spells Using My Readings This Is How I Gain Alott Of Information For My Clients As Well As Communication To Angels Spirits Guides Guaranteed results within 12-24 hours for my clients. I CAN TAKE YOU BACK TO YOUR PAST EXPLAIN YOUR PRESENT REVEAL YOUR FUTURE! ☥Psychic Reading's Arts I Specialize in☥ ♈Psychic Readings♈ ♉Crystal ball♉ ♊Tarot cards♊ ♋Palm Readings♋ ♌Energy Blocks♌ ♍Evil or Bad Influence Removal♍ ♎Picture Readings♎ ♏House Blessings♏ ♐Auras♐ ♑Rune Stone Readings♑ All Client Information is 100% CONFIDENTIAL 98.7% ACCURATE Through Testing & Survey "I Will Triumph Where Other Psychics Have Failed You" Guaranteed to solve all your problems with 1 visit ! Let Me Guide You To Your Spiritual Path To Success!




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