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Advisor Veronika
Advisor Veronika
Psychic Reading
Advisor Veronika


Hi and welcome to my profile. My name is Veronika and I am a spiritual advisor and counselor, as well as a spiritual healer. I am guided by my empathetic and intuitive abilities and I can sense and feel energies around me. I can connect with you through your energy and as such I am able to get an understanding of your current situation and the current feelings/thoughts that you are portraying. Through sensing your energy, I can help guide you to a more peaceful place, and help you resolve your issues/stresses/difficulties that are currently present in your life. I can sense your energy and I know how to heal you with the correct words/advice/understanding that you need in order to heal and help you move forward from your current situation. Many people in this world are looking for a person who can understand them and understand exactly how they are feeling, as when a person understands your true and real feelings it’s like a weight gets lifted from you. Many people, however, feel depressed and sad when people do not “get” them, and this can alienate a person even more, and cause even more stress as the care and nurture that a person instinctively needs and craves is not been given. I am a very caring and understanding person with a lot of life experience and many lifetimes of wisdom that I can feel your pain and guide you towards a place of healing and love.


I have immense and many years’ experience in providing counseling and advice to young people, adults, parents, grandparents, and others. I can relate to every person and connect with people on an individual basis and get straight to their core. I have a gift of intuitively knowing how you are feeling deep inside, even if you have not come to terms with that feeling yet. By sensing people’s true and deepest feelings, I have been able to help people heal from the hurts in their life and allow them to move forward in life to a better and happier place. I am a person that does not judge, and people always tell me how they feel they can be their true sincere selves with me. By people being their true selves, I have helped many people find and come to terms with their true thoughts/desires/realizations and have helped many people find their true calling and purpose in life, whether that is in their career/relationships/love and much more. I am also guided by numbers and use numerology to help people with finding their direction. Numbers are the universes way of interacting with us. I use numerology tarot cards to also gain a perspective and insight into your current situation and will help guide you towards finding your solution.

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