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I work with biomeditacion which is an ancient technique of work through the elementals of plants, in which we can find all the secrets of the grandmothers (our spirit guides) and we work with medicine, which finds directly to the solution to each problem of people, filling with a very subtle energy changing and transforming every energy that is decomposed. I work with hatha yoga, an old technique to adapt all the bodily energy submerged to the natural one and to be able to enrich above all the physical-mental part and to be able to find the physical, mental and spiritual balance, as well as a tranquility of thoughts that help us a lot in daily life to face the different difficulties and the moments that life requires us to make decisions. We are the cause of our destiny, although we have several marked lines we are the ones who decide and take the paths according to our opinion this is called free will, < Due to these old techniques we can have clarity on our thoughts and discernment and we can make adequate decisions to take us well in the other aspects, such as money, partner, work, and if we talk about issues such as health, this is an issue where our emotions are the roots of diseases, as well as sometimes we feel fear and we could have stomachache, we get a bad temper and we could have headache and sometimes there are even people who have been infarcted by it. Then under the control of each emotion we are exposed to, we can feel a fuller life that is much healthier and with more qualities.


I've been working with all the elementals, air, fire, earth, water and prana for 30 years in which the latter one is the vital energy is within all the other elementals, in the midst of ancestral rituals at basic moments such as the equinoxes and solstices, just like in the phases of moons, where we can take advantage of the cosmic energy when we could become evolutionary beings. I have helped with the druid tarot, marcella, raider, the i-ching, as a means to consult, and receive divine messages and the communication of beings of light, I translate this language as sacred as the tarot, expressing it to each consultant in very simple terms. I work the different tadwa therapies, according to the elementals that come to balance life of each person. In simple and economical rituals that each person can perform at home and are very productive response to what each one needs. I can work on topics such as relationships and be able to help each person who is suffering in this hurtful topic, from planes of light and white magic. It only means balancing the energies, without influencing anyone's mind, without binding or acting on the mentality of the other person, only in positive terms that correspond to the marked experiences of each human being. I hope to be able to collaborate with all of my abilities that I have learned throughout my life.

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