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Alma Gomez


Hi, My name is Alma and I have been a psychic reader since I was a child. I come from a large family with psychic abilities and I am part of the 3rd generation of readers. I gained experience with the help of my mother and grandmother. I rely on my intuition and the Tarot cards that bring clarity to my questions. I specialize in the issue of couple, marriage, friendship, sex and soul searching. Talking to me you will enter a world without judgment where I will listen to you and we will try to find solutions to your problem as soon as possible. I also received the first deck from my great-grandmother at the age of ten and I felt an unearthly connection with it. Since then, I have established a connection with the spirits that will help me during my life. I am a good listener and can also become your good friend. You can call me every time life puts you to the test.


Although I put my psychic skills into practice from the age of ten, I focused more on this field five years ago. I often use the Lenormand deck, because it was my first one and we have a very special connection, but I also rely on other decks for clarity. I like to think that I have helped many people to reconcile or find a solution to life's problems. Most of the time I have established a strong connection with my clients, who have always gave me positive feedbacks. I usually like to help people with problems in love and help them look at the situation from a different perspective or to find help. I also offer assistance on the finances and career. I don't like to waste my clients time, so all my attention will be on you and your problems. I also like to tell the truth and not to sugarcoat the reading in any case.

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you were spot on, pls finish answer the last qts or send a coupon
thanks so much!
thank you so much for your clarity ❤️ it’s always a pleasure speaking to you ✨
thank you so much. your a beautiful soul ❤️
thanks lovely Alma. very kind and accurate. so helpful
thanks Alma! you are great and very clear
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