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Alisa Guide
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Alisa Guide


Will I be hired? When will I get that phone call I've been waiting for? Will I ever find true happiness? Why does my life feel so stuck? Hello, I am Alisa and I provide intuitive tarot card readings on any and every subject under the sun! I use my magic cards to reveal real, accurate information about anything in your life that might be troubling you. I am a specialist in providing career and life path advice, but I am also ready to help you with your relationship, family, and love questions-- or anything else you might want to talk about! Will he call me? Is she ever coming back? Does someone know something they're not telling me? What are my "super" powers? There is no question too big, too small, or too strange for me. I have provided thousands of readings for every kind of person. Every reading I give will offer valuable insight into things that are currently hidden from you, and provide you with really useful information to move forward. Don't forget -- my line is a judgment-free zone! I never pass judgment on any person or situation, no matter what. There's no reason to hesitate or feel nervous when you're speaking with me! I am a warm, friendly and direct person. I do my absolute best to offer clear and direct readings with no sugarcoating — I’ll never be rude to you, but you can be assured that I also won’t back off from a tough subject if it makes an appearance in your spread. I’m very confident in my abilities, and I don’t waste time getting to the point. All of my readings are always fast, straightforward, and delivered with a lot of kindness. No matter the situation, you can rest assured that I will provide you with consistently accurate and goal-directed advice to help you understand and take action in your life. Please note that I CAN NOT: Guarantee timing of an event Confirm the guilt or innocence of another person Locate lost people or objects Contact the departed Speak on any subject prohibited by the site rules.


I have been working with tarot for more than 15 years and have provided thousands of paid professional readings. I truly love the art of reading tarot cards and I especially love sharing my talent with my clients! I am also a third generation psychic and empath with a great deal of experience sensing the thoughts and feelings of others. When you contact me, I first listen to your question carefully and thoroughly. Then I use my extensive experience with tarot, and my own intuitive sense, to uncover hidden thoughts, feelings and intentions operating within any situation. I use my cards and my empathic abilities to examine hidden truths and expose unknown obstacles and opportunities. I have over fifteen tarot and oracle card decks, as well as gazing crystals and pendulums. I may use one, some, or all for your reading, depending on the nature of your question and my intuition on how best to respond. I pride myself on offering interesting but incisive readings that waste no time in getting to the bottom line. My readings are always fast, direct, and straight to the point. With that being said, I don't mind spending a little more time delving into additional detail with anyone who asks to look deeper into the mysteries of the cards. Whether you want to cut straight to the heart of the matter or sit and carefully talk it all through, I am here to help you examine the truth behind your troubles with my expert abilities and seasoned tarot pack. I have heard every question you can think of, and some you can't! It's not possible to shock or offend me with your inquiry, so don't hesitate to contact me with your strange or embarrassing questions. You can always ask me anything (as long as it's not prohibited by the site rules)! Don't be afraid to reach out to me today, I am always here to help you!

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