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I am an experienced dream interpreter and relationship/love adviser. I use a sincere and genuine approach with a mix of strong intuition/divine guidance, personal experience, and knowledge previously acquired. To help you understand a bit about myself and my process, I will give you a peek inside of my life and mind. Since birth, I have been blessed with an amazing gift to experience really vivid - and a lot of the time, lucid - dreams. Throughout life, I've had a strong combination of dreaming, imagination, messages, and intuition. I remember many dreams from young ages (2,5,11, etc) and because I'm such a big dreamer, I have become so curious about what it all means. I have related messages through my dreams to real-life situations - warnings even. I have researched quite a bit as well in this area and have compared knowledge from others to my own. I've always been very sensitive to things I can't explain and have been very fascinated by the unknown. I can't get into any of this right now but feel free to talk to me about these amazing things in life! Chances are, I've had a dream similar to yours, or I have a very good idea of what the dream is trying to tell you. If I don't know the answer right away, we will talk it out and work toward an answer that makes sense. I will learn about you and learn about the people and struggles in your life. I can connect the dots and help you see some things you couldn't see before.


I have been a relationship/love adviser across various programs for over a decade. I've helped many lovely strangers find the root cause of their problems within their relationship, understand why their partner or love interest behaves the way they do, if someone is interested, when to not waste time, when to take action, understand basic relationship needs and the meaning of love in general. I have been studying and observing dreams, lucid dreaming, and astral projection for around 16 years while providing professional insight and coaching on dream analysis and related subjects for about 7 years. I am so grateful to have helped so many people in the past figure out their relationship issues or understand love in general. I have also helped many understand their dreams better and learn about their mind and who they are. The mind is a magical place and I help those seeking questions to navigate through it. 

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different kind of reading but lovely to talk to, ran out of time/money
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