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I use my unique gifts to give accurate honest clear advice. I am a 3rd generation empathic intuitive and psychic healer and energy worker. I have been working with Spirit, Angels, Tarot and crystals for 20 years. In a reading I connect with your energies. My information comes from my guides and enables me to tune in physically, emotionally and spiritually. When I use the cards, the pictures jump out at me and take me on a journey to tell you the answers you need. I can help you make choices and bring your life back into harmony. My clients feel they are more empowered after my empathic reading. I help you take a step back and view the issues from a different perspective. I help you move forward with clarity. I call on Spirit to help show an alternative outcome. I would be honored to help you.


I have 20 years experience working as a psychic and healer. I work face to face, over the phone and on the internet with clients. I've worked with clients both in their own homes and at psychic events across the country. I give accurate information about life events and help people make choices for their future. I am able to channel information from my guides about future events which has proved remarkably accurate. I have always been interested in alternative therapies. My maternal grandmother was a healer so I inherited my interests and abilities from her. I reached a point in my life when I had to recognize those abilities and spread the peace, calm and joy I feel when working with energy and people. I trained in Usui Reiki in 1999. That was the start of my business. I added to my skill over the years by training become a Reiki Master which enabled me to teach it too. I then branched out into other areas and completed a Complimentary Therapy Course which included Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage and Advanced Aromatherapy Massage. I also began learning about Crystal Healing and I am now certified to Level 2. - Once I started working with energy there was no stopping me! I learned how to Channel information because I was picking up things up while working with people. That led me on to working with tarot cards and their equivalents. I also felt drawn to work with shamanic practices and also discovered Angelic Reiki to add to my skill set. (It has a different feel to Usui Reiki.) Recently I added the magical Access Bars to my repertoire. I just love healing in all of its forms.

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