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Hello, My name is AuraLight and I specialize in Angel/Oracle readings, that are clarified by my Angel Tarot Cards and sometimes my Pendulum, with the help from my spirit guides. I also provide ecstatic divination by going into a meditative state. This provides divine information from your spirit guide to communicate with you according to your situation or from my own highest self intuition. In a private session we can discuss love, relationships, marriage problems, career and finances. I do ask that you provide your Name and Date of Birth along with your question at the beginning of your session to make the process easier and smoother for the both of us. If you decide to take advantage of the 3 minute offer please note that this is only a brieft introdutory into our reading and will provide a little more time if you would like to dive deeper into your concern. I also offer ETR (EnergyTransferReset) which is another form of Reiki but with great results. Sessions starts after September 1st by request only. If you would like more information. Book me for your next session today. AliciaJuly


I have 4 years experience with providing readings to clients, friends and family. I've also provided readings professionally for 1-2 years. I have always been an empath since I was a little girl and I then began having clairvoyant visions and psychic dreams at just the age of 12. I am the first generation in my family to practice my gifts and to help others in my generation. Though my family has history using many divinations in the Blackfoot tribes and Cherokee in the past, I am the only currently continuing the tradition. I also provide channelled readings through automatic writing and through drawings (pictures), which I call sacred doodling. I am also currently taking classes to become a certified Spiritual Counselor to provide spiritual advice on account of another spiritual journey and/or path. I will also be a certified Energy Transfer Reset practitioner come September 1st, 2018, which is a new form of Reiki but with greater and long lasting benefits. Thank you




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