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Psychic Alexander
Psychic Alexander
Psychic Alexander


I would first like to say welcome, we all go through life trying to live it on our own, and we sometimes can feel that we are completely alone, you are not alone, remember that. I am here to connect you to the universe, to help you through the challenges that you face or are facing and to show you how. There are many many psychics and all are unique in what they do, I am an all rounder and have a strong connection to the spiritual realm. I have had these senses for my whole life, as I am also a descendant of Mediums and clairvoyants. With age and personal experiences my power and connection has increased, and I am truly grateful to have the gift I have as I can share it with so many people and help them live their love to the fullest giving them the guidance they need to do so. So where ever your challenges in life let's get through them together.


As I have had the natural ability to see things in my minds eye and feel through my senses since I was a child, my ability and gift has gotten stronger over years and years of opening up to the universe. I have helped hundereds of people from all walks of life with completely different challenges, through my journey to where I am today, my mother is a Clairvoyant and her mum and grandmother were to Clairvoyants, so this ability has been past through generations and as I have said before I'm truly grateful for this gift to help others. My ability is diverse and I can focus on different avenues and challenges with each individual, as each person is completely unique. I am also a connection between you and your universe, and the information you need to know will be channeled through me to you.

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Apr 17, 2018
Apr 15, 2018
wonderful, accurate and straightforward:)
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