Alexander John


I am a psychic medium that connects with your spirit team to gather what they share as the highest priority message for you right now. Seeing, hearing, and feeling these messages I am able to be specific, direct, and to the point. I have been working with my psychic and spirit connections since childhood, instructed initially by my mother and grandmother. Over the last ten years I have received countless pages of information from Spirit. Working with spirit guides, and other beings, these messages first came via automatic and inspired writing, and then direct voice. Much of this work has been published or made publicly available.


I have been working as a professional reader, channeler, and Reiki practitioner for over ten years. My family would tell you that I've been working with some form of psychic gift or energy work my entire life. I was initially reluctant! Like any young child, I was more interested in playing outside! I didn't want to meditate, I didn't care! Eventually, I began working with my gifts, developing my ability to channel energy, developing my clairvoyance and clairaudience. For over 20 years I have been using these gifts to receive messages of clarity and guidance for friends and family. In this time I have developed books and other materials that contain messages from the "other side" or even other dimensions. This information is received from spirit beings and is shared for the good of all humanity!

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