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Relationship Problems
Alex Heart


Are you ready to know the truth about your love life & relationships? I will tell you what's going on and everything you need to know about your love life and relationships, with top accuracy and no sugar-coating. And most important I will help you to find the best way to a bright & loving future! I'm a Tarot advisor specialized in love & relationships with more than 11 years of experience. I'm known for my accuracy and for always telling the truth in a compassionate and empowering way. My superpower is helping you to discover and deal with whatever is blocking and preventing you from enjoying a vibrant and healthy love life and relationships. I have answers for all of your questions like: --Why is he not calling? --Why is he so distant? --Is he coming back? --Should I keep waiting for him? --What he really thinks and feel about me? --What are his intentions? --Where is this relationship going? --Is this relationship meant to be? --Why I keep attracting the wrong guys? --Why I can't find the one for me? And my favorite question: ---What can I do about all this????✨ It doesn't matter what you want to know, I can help you to find the answers and use that information to plan the best for your future. ***Start a chat with me right now and let's find out what is going on and what you can do to enjoy a happy, balanced and fulfilling love life and relationships. You deserve it!!!*** Top accuracy & 100% truth *** Compassionate & non-judgemental advise *** LGTB friendly ***


With more than 11 years of experience as a tarot reader and specialized in love and relationships, I can help you to find and keep your soulmate, as well as solve any relationship problem with partner, family, friends, children, colleagues, coworkers, or bosses. I'm known for my accuracy and for always telling the truth, without sugar-coating. This truth is the one that empowers my clients to move on towards a better love life and relationships, keeping them coming again and again for wise and accurate advice in all areas of their lives. Right now I will make two promises to you: 1) I will tell you not what you want to hear, but what you NEED to hear. 2) that my tarot readings are 100% accurate. And the latter is not due to the fact that I'm never wrong, but because my job as a tarot reader is not to predict the future, but to HELP YOU CREATE YOUR FUTURE. My communication is direct with your soul, with your Higher Self, and with the Higher Self of your loved ones and people with whom you are related. It is from there that I get the information, and the soul never lies. Maybe I'll tell you something you do not like, maybe I'll tell you something that it's hard for you to believe. But I will always tell you the truth. And it is from this truth, the truth of your Higher Self, that you can build a balanced and full life, surrounded by happy and fair relationships. And all this is thanks not only to my relationship with the spiritual world and access to higher truths, but also because I am also a human being and I have been there, in the same situation in which you are. I have also suffered deceptions, disappointments, betrayals, gaslighting, narcissists, being let down, relationships ended abruptly and with great pain, relationships that should have ended but when I had to do it I did not have the courage to do so and extended the suffering for both, divorce, separation, abandonment, rejection, incomprehension, misunderstandings, loneliness, being single but wishing to be in couple, the incessant search of my soul mate, failed relationships, toxic relationships, doubts and confusions about someone, fear of starting a new relationship, fear of failure in life. But of all that I learned and not only I got over it, but today I enjoy an incredible relationship with my soul mate, and excellent relationships with my son, my friends, my family, and even my in-laws! This is what I want to share with you. I want to put my psychic gifts and my personal experience at your disposal so that you can find peace and happiness in your relationships WITHOUT SUFFERING ALL THE PROBLEMS AND EMOTIONAL PAIN THAT I SUFFERED. Help yourself and let me help you find a real and definitive solution to your relationship problems. Contact me and I will help you find all the answers and solutions you need to enjoy a full life and relationships.

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you are really amazing
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