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Since I was very young I have been attracted to the magical, the mystical and have always been in close contact with mentors and literature that have guided me into the spiritual path, I practice meditation on a daily basis to improve my life, my environment, my relatives, my friends and all the people who seek for me for help and advice. I use mainly my 3rd eye, the Tarot and Shamanic Journeying because they were of help to me in a moment when I was very ill and felt like I've hit rock bottom. With the help of Kundalini and Reiki energies, I am able to help you solve any issue. Due to my past struggles, I want to help people with similar issues because I understand what you are going through and it's truly an honor to use my abilities to help you find love, that dreamed job or anything else you may need in order to have the best life possible.


Finding the right path to reach our dreams is not always easy, I have been helping many people for over 17 years to find the answers they seek with the help of the Tarot and through my Spirit Guides. I´ve been also studying metaphysics and the occult for over 10 years, have been trained in active listening and I incorporate these knowledge into my readings making them not only a 3rd eye psychic reading session but a complete Spiritual Counseling session. Additionally, I'm an avid student of paranormal topics, learning from colleagues as well from personal experiences so feel free to contact me if your issues are related to the paranormal, we will find a solution.

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