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Hello – I am a spiritualist and the tools I use consist of tarot, oracle, angel, pendulum, and scrying. I have done many readings over the past four years, and goal is to reach a solution to the issues or concerns you may have. My reading style is quick, concise, and straightforward and up-front as much as possible so you could arrive to the right resolution for your concern. I aware that people walk many different paths in life, and I do not judge anyone I do a reading for, and I am completely professional at all times. I specialize mostly in the tarot, which I use to arrive to any present and future issue, and can also give out detailed analysis. I love to give out as much detail as possible through my reading, and give out the explanations for why events occur as they occur. I also use the pendulum for quick yes or no situations, and scrying when it comes to finding out more answers on a more spiritual level. Please call today to find out the solutions to your questions!


It seems all my life I been very intuitive with regards to readings, and for the past years I been in contact with many people through events and parties who came to me with concerns that only the tarot or other divination method could provide. I have used meditation and astral projection to hone on my abilities, and spent many months and weeks studying the tarot. I am most familiar with the tarot, but I have also conducted readings through angel decks and other oracle decks. Through the time spent studying, I learn how to reach a solution for the issues. Additionally, I also do spell work for my readings, metaphysical rituals, the utilization of crystals, candle magick, and believe my spirit guides provide me the answers that I receive. I do not endorse any one way to arrive to a solution however, since I am continuously learning and studying the craft. In conclusion, I believe my spiritual path in life has provided me the support that I need to do readings for others and I hope to provide the support you need.

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