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I first started giving readings 10 years ago, I have been guided and taught by my psychic grandmother who told me the secret history of our family and gifts we have, when I was born she informed my parents that I will be the first male in the family to inherit the gift to connect to the other side. Even thought my grandmother specializes in Mediumship (connecting with the spirits that have passed) I have decided not to practice it because it can be very tricky, dangerous and stressful even thought I have the gift of it so Instead I have been focusing more on Cartomancy (reading cards), Distant readings , Tarot reading, etc.


I am typing very fast and I am intuitive, I work using energies and I get messages from my psychic ancestors from the other side, they are around me all the time firstly to guide me but also to help me fulfill my purpose on this planet and that is to help others using my gifts, therefore I can provide answers about the past, present, and future, I can see and help you prevent outcomes! see other people's intentions towards you, give advice and much more! expect honest answers from me I do not sugarcoat, it's bad karma so be open-minded during the reading and remember that I am here to help you and give you clarity on your question. When it comes to timing, sometimes it can be very tricky to predict the exact date of a certain situation due to the free will, therefore, I'd rather use the word "week" instead of "days" I hope we can chat soon!

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sorry alan!! you're so great. I'll be back thank you again. I'll let you know how it goes!!
Thank you 🙏🏼
Absolutely on point!!
thanks Alan I didn’t pass my money lesson for sure this time 😂 I’ll try to be back
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