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What is your lover thinking? ♥️  Let's find out. I care about giving you an accurate and clear answer. I have been working professionally as a life advisor for more than ten years, and was born into a family of intuitive healers. It is important for us to establish a connection and get you the answers on love, money, relationships, career and family that will help you make decisions. On occasion I get bad reviews from people who may not like what I have to say.  They usually always come back to say “you were right”.

I use tarot, angel cards, astrology, guided meditation, dream analysis, and spirit guides for clarity. Your time is valuable, and that is why I like to speak in a straightforward fashion. I may not always give an answer that you want to hear, but what I say will be the truth. My goal is to provide you with an excellent reading that will help you understand the questions that you have about life. Please prepare for you reading by taking some deep cleansing breaths at before we speak, or at the beginning of the call under my guidance if you prefer.


I have worked as a life advisor for more than ten years, and was born into a family of psychic healers. My grandmother taught me how to read tarot at the age of seven. She announced pregnancies before new mothers even had an inkling, and intervened in family strife with wise solutions. She was a master card reader who died very recently at age 99. She serves as my spirit guide. I hope that we can both be a resource to you. I have used my intuition to find success in both business and love. I know that you can also find the outcomes that you desire. See yourself having the love that you want. See yourself having your greatest success. The goal of our discussion will be to uncover any roadblocks to the achievement of your desired outcome and set your path straight. There will not be any judgement during our discussion. Feel free to open up and share the desires of your heart. I hope to help you realize them.




Allison Gopee
Jul 16, 2020
May 28, 2020
May 24, 2020
May 24, 2020
I was told I had a problem with alcohol ... yet, I do not drink. Hmm. This also came after I got a generic post Covid response “in a month I see you...” which I challenged due to certain situations. I would also like to note I was calm and collected and never questioned any ability to read. Just don’t give me a blanket response and, even worse and beyond offensive accuse me of drinking when, in reality, I haven’t been “drunk” since college and don’t even enjoy wine (somehow I was having wine?). What was most frustrating is that I spent $35 to hear the dumbest psychic 101 statements. When I informed her that I, in fact, live in nyc and go to Psychics so I just wanted the truth she quickly jumped to alcohol. what was even more alarming was it went from the 2 of cups (yes, I know my cards) to me saying I didn’t want a generic reading to being accused of alcoholism. I find this so offensive personally as I do not drink but, far beyond my personal frustrations, I am concerned for people who reach out to her with true afflictions. There was no empathy or concern on her end ... I was quickly (and SO hilariously incorrectly) labeled as a drunk. I guess me mentioning New York and experiencing true psychics was just too threatening to someone with truly zero real talent of reading anyone at all. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. AND, AKASHA, PART OF MY VOLUNTEER EFFORTS INVOLVE YOUTHS - SOME OF WHOM HAVE ADDICTIONS - AND I WOULD BE SOOOOO CAREFUL OF THROWING THAT “CARD” AROUND. clearly need some sensitivity training.
May 23, 2020
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