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Seer Ay
Seer Ay
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Seer Ay


I'm here to help you out! Which is something I love to do. 🌟

I’m able to read the cards and feel the energy from them to help guide you on your journey. Being able to see other paths and/or choices through the cards is how I help you answer some questions you may have through the cards. 
I also offer Candle Rituals and Energy Recharge

As a psychic tarot reader & ritualist, I know that life has many ups and downs and I'm here to help guide you on the path that works for you. The cards will help give you more insight into what may come and the rituals will help boost what is needed.  

I don't judge and I welcome all.

✨Life is a journey & we are all on a journey in life. May the cards help guide you on yours. 💫


My psychic abilities started around the age of 12. I was taught how to harness my abilities from my grandmother. My Grandmother is a ritualist/psychic and she is the one that taught me how to do different rituals for specific and different things. But when I started using tarot cards with my psychic abilities, that's what really gave me more of a clear picture of what needed to be seen, heard and spoken out loud. 

Since 2000 I have been providing rituals, energy readings and cleansings before I started learning how to use tarot cards. The cards were always calling to me, but I didn't feel comfortable using them in my craft until the end of 2015.  In 2016, I started doing tarot readings as one of the services I provide.  I am currently practicing and providing tarot readings & rituals online. 🌠

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