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Áine The Ancient


I offer several different reading types based on client needs, and if desired, a Preferred method by request. That being said, more often than not I will combine reading types to gain the deepest and most accurate insight possible. Regularly I combine 2 or 3 reading practices by which I have mastered such as Sacred Geometry, Astrology (Horoscope/Natal Charting) , Gematria (The “numerology” of Language IE: Names), Numerology (or what I like call, “intuitive mathematics”), Remote Viewing and Meditation Projection ( By special request usually to help manifest a beneficial change). Essentially this allows me to connect with “Source” ,“Consciousness” or by what ever name you associate with Prime Divine Creator. My skills and methods used have without question supplemented my natural gifts. So much so, that In my youth, what was once unexplainable (and even worse uncontrollable) insight, eventually became clear and functioned with purpose. All of this led me on the path of a spiritual advisor. ***Please read all the way through *** • For astrology readings- the most accurate and insightful readings require the birth time for all persons in question. Place of birth is also Beneficial. • Tarot readings- first name of all persons is helpful to focus on individual/s before drawing cards • Numerology Readings require different information depending on the question I may require full name / one name/ nick name you have been often called/ or your birthday (time isn’t necessary for this type of reading. ❤️ • I relay messages as they are presented to me and will by no means tell you simply what you want to hear in order to obtain a good review. • I will not lie to anyone for any reason ,that being said, if your question results in guidance you need....rather then what you want I'm afraid that's what I will be offering you. • Please be specific with questions for accurate results. I focus my consciousness fully on an inquiry and the individual’s involved. Vague questions are so open ended that I have nothing substantial to focus on. Thus resulting in the reading being all over the place. • Time lines can be tough for many reasons. One being that many people when asking for a specific timeline may not have not put forth the right efforts and energy needed to manifest a particular situation, Should this be the case, I will pick up on what needs to done and methods best to achieve goals and desires. Two. We all have free will. I will be given clear timelines only when the point you are currently in is on the path that leads you to your preconceived outcome choices facilitates timelines, however if “Source” offers that information ( which does happen) then I will convey it to you.


Ever Since I can remember I’ve always had a strange ability to foresee things to come. As I grew older, I began to realize the capabilities of something more than just my imagination or instances of strange coincidence. Initially, I experimented with family and friends and soon it was clear how much divination tools helped the process of building my skill I started doing readings for people in the square. I have since honed my skills and found that a divination tool truly allows me to receive divine information regarding what I seek to question. Sacred geometry has further helped me connect with “source”. I only focus on channeling righteous energy and never offer information that would do harm. That is not my path. Astrology is just another sacred geometric connection between all that was, is, and will be. I calculate how it affects our energy’s. I’ve spent many years studying the geometry and oneness of the “All” while offering readings to those that seek insight. May all of you know the peace and light that comes with connecting and being one with the source. Blessings. 

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