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Love & Relationships


I am an expert in romantic and love topics. I have fixed millions of broken relationships around the world, always trying to unite couples and finding each person’s soulmate. I am an expert in karma and past lives, palm reading, natal chart reading, Rider-Waite tarot, and communication with high energy spirits. I have the ability to read objects given by Mother Earth such as the egg, chocolate, palm lines, and others. I have a very close and strong spiritual and angel contact. I belong to a long descendancy of Yoruba and Santería religion. I am a God´s messenger sent to work on all the positive energy of the universe. I am a spiritual counselor always giving light to the spirits that need it and giving peace to each person who needs it. I work on positive energies. Through astral projection, I can get in contact with beings of light of my own and of people who will ask for a clear guide on the situation they are going through, as well as support and advice. I have experience in spiritual and physical shamanic healing. I do positive spells for personal development and finding true love.


I have experience as a santero since I was born. I come from a santero family too. I have been an adgayu son since I was 7 years. When I was 10 I began to realize about my spiritual development and began to read the tarot using the resources which came from Mother Earth. At the age of 15, I had wide experience in love relationships helping people to find true love and bringing peace to their life. At the age of 20 I was able to achieve communication with angels and spirits of positive energies. Also, I was in a cave (cuca) where I could develop and complete my healing path with the natives. At the age of 25, I finished my studies on karma, palm reading, past lives and they completed all my positive energy. After that, I devoted my life to healing and helping people who needed it, always giving them positive advice to get to the hearts of people.

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send me coupon please
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Did blake at least think of me last night even though he was with her?
Alena Volarevic
Sep 23, 2022
Sep 23, 2022
Thank you for giving me some clarity🙏😊
Sep 23, 2022
thanks so much for your reassurance!
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