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Aeon Dream
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Aeon Dream


Compassionate | Non-judgemental | Empowering My purpose is to guide you in many areas of your life in a compassionate and non-judgmental atmosphere. I use tarot and my gift of intuition to help you gain clarity on your issues from romance to finances. This means I will ask you questions to gain insight into your situation and connect with your guides so I can deliver the messages they have for you. You have the answers you need inside of you, and my role is to facilitate and bring forth these aspects so you make decisions from a place of strength and confidence. I treat my clients with respect and dignity, and am straight-forward in my approach, not just telling you what you want to hear. Honesty will lead you to Truth and I am devoted to helping you tap into this. You will leave with the confidence you need to live a more full and prosperous life!


I have studied and used the ancient arts of Astrology and Tarot as ways to tap into higher wisdom with others for over 15 years. Clients have been delighted and excited by my readings because it helps them navigate their life with a sense of clarity and purpose. I've also run a coaching business that nurtures creatives through entrepreneurship and life using Astrology and the Tarot as tools for empowerment. I was born able to understand the metaphysical realm and traverse the planes between realities. I have the gift of claircognizance which is "clear-knowing" and my guides help me intuit and translate the messages meant for you to hear. I am also an ongoing student and practitioner of the metaphysical arts and the occult. I bring this deep knowledge of symbolism and archetypal awareness to every reading to help you connect with the messages that help you flourish in life.

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