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Advisor Vivian


I am a spiritual and psychic advisor with more then 15 years experience..  Helping and completely solving matters of the heart and soul. If you need healing of a spiritual nature or are you unsure or Uncertain about the one you love. Are you getting mixed signals and it's causing you confusion. I have your answer. I want to guide you and help you stop the confusion and I will give you Clarity so you can finally have peace of mind.  I will give you honest and real answers so that you may find your path to happiness, true love, success, harmony, and your hearts true desires...  also I am a gifted empath and dream interpreter.  I can answer all of your questions. 


My experience as a psychic reader my gift has gotten passed down to me from my great aunt and  Who was also a natural born clairvoyant"  like myself so I naturally feel and see energies and also Guide my clients on the path of happiness and most of all helping my clients understand their divine path of faith and destiny 


Love her she's accurate and so honest
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