Advisor Vera


Fast, accurate and to the point! I do not waist any time! Give me your name, age and the reason for your call and I will tell you everything you need to know about past, present, & future. I will give you advice in love, money, business, career, marriage and family. I do not sugar coat anything! All of my services are 100% accurate. 


I am a 5th generation God gifted psychic with over 16 years of experience. I was born with the ability to heal people spiritually, guide you on the right path, reveal past, present and future, reunit lost or stolen love, I can tell you what he/she is thinking, if this is a match, is this person is being truthful or any questions you may have about your lover. Advise you in career path, cleanse your mind, body and spirit from negative energies or thoughts. I am here to succeed where others have failed! Call me today you will not be disappointed!

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Cheating and Affairs Spiritual Reading Psychic Reading Parents and Children Breakup and Divorce Career Advice Soulmates Channeling Rider Waite Cards Dating Advice Family Advice Love and Sex Karma and Past Life Relationship Advice




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