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Advisor Tamara
Advisor Tamara
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Advisor Tamara

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My name is Advisor Tamara.

 Are you are seeking truthful answers to dating, marriage, divorce issues, or careers? I can help you. 

 Are you confused about your Marriage, relationships or are you are in need of career advice and direction? Allow me to help and advise you  As a God-gifted psychic reader, advisor, and life coach I will guide you on the cleansing of negative energies and blockages for success on all levels of your existence. I can also tell you what is coming to you good bad or indifferent to help you make better decisions. My work is with consideration, love, and care because of the sincerity and emotions involved. I can tell you the wealth of what I am capable of but, you are better off finding out for yourself by bringing me your issues. As a non-judgmental person, I have helped many people with depression and confusion because they are seeking answers to their problems. You will not be disappointed because I am sincere. POWER COMES FROM WITHIN. MOST DON'T KNOW HOW TO TAP INTO THAT POWER.  Are you ready for some answers, directions, and peace to move forward in life?  


For more than 40+ years I have worked with my psychic abilities offering guidance, insight, and life coaching experience long before there were any psychic networks to call upon... 

I am well known in my field because my successes are very high in bringing clarity, understanding, and peace of mind to a troubled soul. For this reason, I have earned advanced degrees in related fields of Theology, Psychology, and Astrology. To better serve you with tools for success and happiness from within. 

My objective:

  • To help you come to a conclusion about your issue.
  • Empower you to Make Good Decisions.
  • Show you the powers you have within yourself.

My Topics:

  • Marriage advice
  • Relationship / Break up advice
  • Family / Children
  • Career
  • Friends and Enemies
  • Removal of Obstacles and Blockages
  • cleansing of Aura

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