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Advisor Sarah
Advisor Sarah
Love & Relationships
Advisor Sarah


I am an empath and highly intuitive. I believe in helping others through guidance, advice, teaching an counseling. It is important for me to share my own experiences that I believe will be beneficial to another person dealing with something similar. Some persons learn from their own experience but it is also beneficial to learn from others as well so time is not wasted repeating the same mistakes. If you are seeking clarity on matters of the heart or career, I am here to help. I use the Angel Tarot Cards along with the Rider Tarot Deck which provides details and time frames for my clients. A reading is a guide filled with possibilities that we can make or break. With that said, I believe we have some level of control once guidance is offered, so if you'd like to change something, that can be done. We all have a purpose to fulfill and if we help each other we can do just that. Along with my tools, I also require the first name of the person(s) in question. A clear question brings forth clear answers. I take great pride in my work so I'm not here to mislead you. I am straight-forward and will tell you exactly what I see and feel with compassion and the best intention. Please have faith on this journey called life and trust in the higher power (God).


I have always felt a strong connection to an energy force I was unable to see ever since I was 10 years of age. I was able to predict events that would happen a few days later and this was something I could not understand. Every professional pursuit in the corporate brought me closer to realizing my true purpose and passion which I'm currently pursuing and making a reality; helping others with God's gift to me. I've been reading professionally for a while now and look forward to helping you make the best decisions. If you would like to know what your person of interest is feeling, thinking as well as their intentions, I can help! My readings are very detailed and shows what needs to be revealed at this point in your life (1-2 years). I ask for patience while I connect and retrieve your answers as I do not believe in rush the process just to tell you anything. My clients leave feeling at ease as I am very understanding. non-judgmental, compassionate and caring. With every passing year my abilities get stronger and I believe it's only right to use it to add value to some else's life. I look forward to working with you.




Jul 17, 2024
thank you so much Mrs Sarah
Jul 16, 2024
Jul 16, 2024
Jul 15, 2024
thank you so much for your time! trying to stay patient :,)
Jul 15, 2024
By both do you mean me and her, or me and him?
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