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If you have any confusion in your life, talk to me.  A Romani descendent, psychic abilities in my family can be traced back at least 5 generations. I have 25 years experience reading for people of many cultures from all around the world.  Together we can find your peace and clarity. 

My readings include a variety of topics ranging from:

  • love
  • career
  • paranormal activities
  • psychic coaching
  • energy manipulation
  • prosperity

Every reading starts with a blessing. All questions welcome, no judgment! I am here to guide and provide spirit directed messages. I am a clairaudient and clairsentient reader. **I do not sugar coat what I sense and perceive in order to enable clients to make proper decisions. Please come with an open mind.  Sometimes change is difficult and accepting truth can be difficult.** I use a combination of psychic awareness, messages from guides, tarot, and astrology.  

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After assisting others on their life journeys for decades, I am a mostly clairaudient and clairsentient reader. Clairaudient means at times I hear answers or words that I feel are important to share or pass on to my clients. My clairsentience presents itself as a kind of just ‘knowing’ current situations and what is to come.  These are my gifts.  25 years of readings has given me experience working with and reading for other renown psychics, celebrities, teachers, writers, bankers, artists, government officials, politicians, students..literally thousands of people in all corners of the globe, I am confident that I can assist you on your journey. I do not sugar coat what I sense and perceive to enable clients to make the best decisions with their free will. Sometimes change is difficult and accepting truth can be difficult. I often use tarot and/or astrology to open sessions depending on the energies and dynamics involved. Every reading is unique just as every situation is unique! Please come with an open mind and heart. Using tarot during readings is second nature to me because I started readings using them at the young age of 15. I use a collaboration of psychic awareness, messages from pure and well intentioned guides, tarot, and for those experiencing recurring or sudden shocking difficulties in career, marriage/relationships, or other life areas, I may feel it necessary to compile an astrological chart to view the possibility of planetary influence. Privacy is valued as highly important and no client information will be disclosed to any third party. No energies will be felt or manipulated through my services without the prior informing of clients. No names or location needed if privacy is of highest priority, however, birth details will be requested for a proper astrological chart, if felt absolutely necessary. 

Fast, accurate, empathetic, open minded, experienced, non-judgmental.

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