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Advisor Jeannette
Advisor Jeannette
Psychic Reading
Advisor Jeannette


Hi everyone! 🙌 My name is Jeannette. I am here to help all of you with my God gifted physic abilities! 

My best selling services are “Spiritual Prayers For Protection” and “Candle Burning”. 💥

I am a 7th Generation Naturally Born psychic

I am 30 years old. I have a tight grip on every matter. I can give insights about love matters, Relationship hurdles, Married Life, Extra Marital Affairs, divorce, can do a psychic reading, Mind Reading, Tarot Reading, Clairvoyant Readings, Crystal Ball, Angel Readings, and Psychic Mediums. 🔮

I was just 10 when I started feeling the existence of souls of dead persons and also the appearance of God's angles. In a short time, I started talking to them even they started telling me the upcoming future about all the people living around me. 

And at the age of 12, I was fully able to get past, present, and future life insights about everyone I need to know.

I am an Expert in:  

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Horoscopes
  • Indian Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Palm Reading
  • Chinese Astrology. 

I am sure that you will have true and accurate insights about your concerns with 110% accuracy. I guarantee you to be satisfied and happy with me.✨


I am working in psychic readings for 15 years. 

I am Good at every concern of life. I have worked for various psychic organizations. I am very sensitive and Empathetic with my powers and abilities every time to go deep and in the root of every matter. 

I have the ability to tell you about your past connections and about your past life. I can tell you about your current life issue. And I can guide you about upcoming difficulties and about a strong and guaranteed career guide

I also completed my Astrology study back in 2015 from university with a high grade. Did participate in a lot of workshops online and offline. 

I have been working and practicing for Tea Readings, Tarot Cards Readings, Mind Readings, I have full control over crystal ball readings. Chakra balancing and Energy Healings

I can clearly read your mind and also the dreams you have watched while sleeping and their meaning too. In my entire life, I did not sugarcoat or give fake hope to a single person. 

I also have won an award in the event named life learnings. I also get some certificates in communications skills. My abilities have no boundaries. I guarantee you 200% accuracy and correctness.

All Specialties

Occult Readings Dating Advice Paranormal Phenomena Spiritual Reading Tea Leaves Osho Zen Cards Cheating and Affairs Dream Analysis Palm Reading Horoscopes Soulmates & Twin Flames Shamanism Crowley Cards Parents & Children Rider Waite Cards Clairvoyance Karma and Past Life Love & Relationships Rune Stone Astrology Psychic Reading Mind Reading Skat Cards Other Tarot Cards Breakup & Divorce Tarot Cards Numerology Family Advice Relationship Problems Career Advice Crystal Ball Natal Chart Reading Lenormand Cards Channeling Angel Cards Angel Readings Kipper Cards Automatic Writing




4 h ago
thank you friend ...will be back another time
8 h ago
very honest accurate and caring
8 h ago
Great energy
Feb 6, 2023
send me blessings, I need many my dear
Feb 6, 2023
Thank you again. Does his family knows like his mom?
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