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Advisor Nicholas
Advisor Nicholas
Relationship Advice
Advisor Nicholas


Hello! My name is Nicholas and I have been a psychic/clairvoyant gifted since a young age. I decided it was time for my to come here to help others through readings. I can see the past, present, and future. I am able to discuss and go over any concerns or troubles you may have and we can get to the bottom of it. One of my specialties is Love / Relationships, so if you are eager to know when the one for you will appear or if this current person is worth it. I can tell you. I have a lot of experience with relationships and family I use Crystal's meditation and Spirit guides to guide me to give you the answers you need and help you set a brighter path to walk to a better future.


I've been a professional psychic for 5 years I am a fourth-generation gifted psychic I found my gift when I was 12 I had premonition Clairvoyant moments since then I've been working on my gift to help others I'm so happy I could offer my services now on this app to people around the world my specialty is love and relationships I love connecting people to there soulmate love is are the greatest gift and helping people with the bumpy road on the way to love gives me real joy to use my gift I use different tools tarot cards meditation crystals for my readings I forward to helping you with your reading today thank you for visiting my page.

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5 h ago
Aug 6, 2022
Aug 6, 2022
Janelle Alladin
Aug 5, 2022
Aug 3, 2022
He’s really kind and a really great reader ♥️
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