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Clairvoyant Matt


Hi there! My name is Matt and it’s so amazing to be here! I have been offering outstanding reading services for over 3 years and there’s nothing I love to do more than doing what I absolutely love:giving readings! I specialize in all questions pertaining love ( is he the one?) and etc. I also have a great outlook on career and finances as well as family and friends. No question is too big or small. Please don’t be afraid to tell me anything you want to know. The future is not predetermined so I will definitely help you get on a path that is most likely to go in a favorable outcome. I am an empath, clairvoyant and aura reader. I can pick up on things you didn’t even think anyone knew about! It’s literally amazing and you won’t be disappointed.


Hi there! Over the course of time with my gift I’ve had a fair amount of experiences. When it comes to giving anyone in question a reading I am always able to quickly tap into the situation with the help and assistance from my angels and spirit guides. Something that I would say will leave you satisfied with my readings is the fact that I always start out with your past in very much detail and because of my accuracy it develops a special connection between me and the current client to be able to better understand and take into account the level of their situation. Keep in mind there is nothing more positive than knowing that I was able rock grant you the guidance you needed- to give you that subtle peace of mind that we all seek ? So stop by! And see how much I can help!! ?Terms and Conditions: I do not make predictions pertaining to medical concerns as I am not certified in the medical field, including the topics of death and pregnancy. ? (Please do not ask how many children you are going to have or if.) ⚖please no questions regarding legal matters or court cases⚖ ❗️TIME FRAMES CHANGE BASED UPON YOUR THOUGHTS, FEELINGS AND ACTIONS AND I DON'T PROMISE OUTCOMES. ✨Spirit does not view time in the same manner as we do.. Your focus should not be so strongly on the when but rather the outcome that is best for you! ?✨✨✨✨ HOW I CHANNEL TIME FRAMES! If it is likely to ever happen as nothing in the future is set in stone or guaranteed, i channel a number given by spirit and then give all possibilities of that numbers energy. For example if I am given a 1, that 1 may represent 1 day, 1 Week, 1 month, within the week of the 1st of the month, January which is the month 1 in the calendar year or 1 year... ⏰⏳⌛️ ✨ I WILL NOT ANSWER MORE THAN 2 QUESTIONS PER ORDER. For example will he/she return and if so when count as 2 questions on there own. NO NEW QUESTIONS IN THE COMMENTS SO BE SURE TO INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS YOU WANT ANSWERED IN THE ORDER WITH THE ORDER. ✨If you are requesting a forecast then the video will only be on that. ONE TOPIC FOR FORECASTS: No additional questions with the forecast please. I will not do a forecast beyond 6 months at a time ?✨ As you yourself may end up taking a new path by choice of free will therefore altering your path. ❤ I am NOT going to tell you if someone is "The One" or not I will present the information on your connection and the decision of if the person is right for you is your choice. ✨I am an intuitive counselor my job is to advise based upon the information shown through my gifts.? - I DO NOT SEE SPECIFICS FOR EXAMPLE (exact dates, locations, appearance, exact career position, names, initials or ethnic background) - my readings are meant to empower you with the information and allow you to make a choice not make the choice for you! - Do not try and "test" me by withholding major details such as the person is (married, blocked you etc..) as that hinders the integrity of the reading, and the view in which I read the cards because I interpret them according to the information provided to me. ?

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