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Advisor Marc


Hi my name is Advisor Marc, I am an advisor in all fields of relationships, and career advice. I was just a young boy when I had my first psychic experience, I inherited my abilities from a long chain of hereditary family members, my abilities are mainly inherited from my mother and grandmother, I was a young boy when I had my first psychic experience, at first I wasn't sure about what I had experienced and for over 30 years I have taken much care to learn and communicate across the cosmic energies. I use these energies to interpret your readings and situations, often in my tarot card reading there will be situations that are exactly on point, sometimes these readings will only be the beginning of an exciting new journey you are about to embark on, all I request from you, so that your reading is true and on point will be your name and date of birth and the information of the person that we are reading, the more information you provide the more clearer your reading will be, I take honesty and integrity seriously and will not sugar coat your reading for you, this experience should be a fun and intriguing experience for you my client and myself as your advisor, I really hope to hear from you and build special relationships with every one of you who connect with me.


I started off using my psychic abilities and readings when I was 8 years old about, as a young boy this quite intrigued me and my mother and grandmother started training me in the art of psychic reading and as I aged my mom taught me the true meanings behind the tarot cards, Every reading I have done in the 30 years I have been doing readings has been accurate and on point, I first started off doing readings for my friends and family and as my confidence grew I realised I had a very special gift that I could offer those in need of advice, I take your situation as the basis of my reading, and with this I am able to clarify what you want to know, honesty is a key aspect for me and the space with which we communicate is somewhere you can open up and be yourself with no judgement, I am here to help you find a solution to what holds you back, I truly hope the experience we have will be a special and memorable one

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such a blessing in disguise
thanks Marc.. could you please answer this when will he Express
understandable, but he'll come around he always have. thank you!
Amazing reading
Thank you
amazing as usual :.. thank you for your blessed guidance
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