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Advisor Gigi


I can see all and combines with God given gift of clairvoyance. At the very young age I had an Epiphany or a Premeditation you might say see I was able to see things other people cannot see and i understood what i was seeing it was not until I was older and more comfortable having this gift then I realized why God put me on this earth, it was to use my gift to help others Now I cherish my insights and love to use them to help others that need my services I can see what is really going on and what's in store for you and others around you I have helped many people and continue to do so in a very confidential manner i have been working as a Psychic for years My ability to read and see things to come, helped me become a Psychic my God gifted vision has helped me to understand and help people who need to look into future and needs spiritual guidance


love what I do because it’s knowing of helping people the joy of happiness and peacefulness that people get from one of my readings knowing that I helped someone today it’s a great feeling I am thankful for my gift I have helped so many people many might doubt me just because I am young but I tend to prove my part on what my gift it is very wonderful to have such a gift to help people with all decisions and choices of life I’m here to shear a helping hand if you are willing to let me help I’m glad to help and my specialties are palm readings and crystal ball readings whatever your question is I'm here to answer whatever troubles you have I can easily solve them for you I’m here to help close old doors and open new one it’s just a reading away Contact me today

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connection was bad and took a long time to respond
Fast and to the point. Advisor Gigi is great!!
?I hope you are right xx
she has very good heart and compassionate and not judge mental at all! she’s very honest but in a very firm and kind she will tell you what to do to help your situation and not point out a person’ as being good or bad.. or to leave that person.. or to leave a bad situation. at some point we have to go through a negative time or go through changes in life in order for things to get better and fall into place!! she’s a blessing from God! highly recommend this beautiful, humble woman!in orwe
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