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Advisor Alice


                                                                            WHO AM I?
 I am a young psychic, who has had a lot of experience with premonition as well as various styles of readings. From a young age, I would receive very random visions but would never be able to make sense of them until they occurred. After getting my eyes checked, and even having a brain scan (at my mothers worry), everything was deemed 'fine'. However, the more often I got these 'visions' as I called them, the more I made sense of them, and this is when I realised I had a very special gift that could indeed help others. My intuition was however, alway on point with many things especially when it came to love and relationships and I could very easily read a person and predict what was going to happen in their life. This is why I am known to have helped many with the advice I give, as whilst reading their energy and feeling their ora's surrounding them, this helps me initiate where the problems lie and helps me further on how I could help them.When looking at ways to use my gifts instead of being afraid of them, I realised I had a lot to bring to the table and this is why I want to use them to help you.
                                                                      How Can I Help You.
 I am here to give you life coaching and advice as well as to use my gifts to help you suss out situations. If you think your partner is cheating, I can help you. If you're single and want to find out what's holding you back, If you have family troubles and need that extra bit of help, or if you have even lost a loved one, and want to gain some closure on the situation, I can help you. I am not just a shoulder, but a person with a gift that can truly help you. I am very good at picking up situations and feeling the energy of those involved. Many say that 'seeing into the future' is what our services are for, but there is a lot more to reading than that. What Do You Do Next Feel free to send me a message or/either, give me a call. I am here to hear your worries, thoughts and feelings and to use my energy and psychic abilities to help you assess a situation, and sort a situation. Do not hold back, and you are not obliged to tell me everything. It's YOUR reading. Take it at your own pace, and come when you're ready. I want to get to know you, just as you will get to know me. So don't hesitate in contacting me.


I first gained my very raw and real experience at a party when I was quite overwhelmed  by the energy my friends were giving off. It was so negative and I could tell they were unhappy about a lot of things that they were yet to tell me about. One by one I took them upstairs, took their palms, felt what energies were passing through them and could already tell what problems they were facing and how to go about them. I found them solutions and comfort. 

From this day, I've continued to carry out my own private readings, and not for a price either. I see people on a weekly basis in the comfort of my own home (or theirs in fact) and have helped a lot of people facing difficult times whether it's to do with love, loss, friendship or problems surrounding their own children. I have now decided to take my work online for a small price and continue readings over the phone and virtually because I truly believe I have brought help and good to those who have come to me and have never been off with my predictions.

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