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Advisor Teresa


I’m a Psychic Reader and Spiritual Advisor with over 27 years experience who gives accurate readings and caring advice on all aspects of life. Reveal what is going on with your life, where you’re headed and what you can do about it. Discover what is awaiting for you and get clear answers. Honest, Accurate and Quick to the Point. Want to know his or her intentions and feelings?I will tell you if you are truly meant to be together.or you want to know if this relationship is going to work or if there is someone else meant for you. I will tell you all you need to know good or bad.I am non judgemental.Call me you will not be disappointed.


LIFE presented you with yet another crossroads. And I am here to offer you understanding and insight into thoughts and feelings of those around you and those affecting your life. My special gift will work to put your life back in balance.I provide readings for all matters such as .Love .Money .Career .Health I can help you with any question you may have.and I will give you a direct, honest answer.and help you with your problems. Through the use of my clairvoance and tarot cards I can give you the answers you are looking for.

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Thanks you’re right!!!
Great reading! Thank you!
wow Teresa!!! she connected right away and was genuine and quick with her answers!! thank you
thank you!!!!
Very good reader!
Amazing reading!
I’m trying to stay busy and positive thank you
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