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Adviser Italia
Adviser Italia
Career Advice
Adviser Italia


Hello my name is Italia I am a born gifted spiritual honest accurate and  Psychic reader. I have 11years experiene  and many satisfied clients. am an Non-Judgmental Honest psychic, who does not sugar coat anything. If you are searching for a honest reading Whatever problems your faceing through life you do not have to face them alone :) I will be hear to help guide and advise you in all aspects such a Love/marriage Business/career Friends/Family ext ext!! Contact me today!.if you are not prepared to hear the truth please contact another psychic 


I come from a small town and started noticing my gift at a young age! And I have found out that my grandmother also has this gift as well so it runs in my family. I have noticed my gift at the age 10 and started helping people 8years later and I am glad to help answer people's questions, this is why I am here working on zodiac psychics because I want to be able to connect with people and answer there questions. Thank you for your time on reading this. xo

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