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Adrianna Nicole
Adrianna Nicole
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Adrianna Nicole


Thank you for entrusting me to your most personal questions and problems. I promise that I will be a kind, caring and compassionate when dealing with your questions. I welcome questions in relation to family and other close relationships. With a background in teaching and collegiate level courses in Psychology, I know and understand the dynamics of relationships. Additionally, I'm a Reiki Master and Teacher and will be able to send healing energy to you and your problem. If your goal is to find both peace and healing, then I'm glad that you have stopped by. I have been listening to others and helping them with their problems for years. It truly is second nature to me. When I'm working with you, I will harness the energy from my Spirit guides as well as your Spirit guides to provide me with the answers that are meant for you to hear. Sometimes, it may not seem like the answers are exactly what you're wanting to hear, but trust me, when Spirit is involved, it's exactly what you need to hear.


I've been gifted all of my life. However, it wasn't until recently that I decided to use my gifts to help other people. I realized that I've been somewhat selfish by only helping myself and those that are close to me. So, I've been actively reading for people outside of my normal social circle for a few years. I typically use Oracle cards and Tarot cards and of course the help of my Spirit guides to show me the answers to your most pressing issues. I do not rely on guidebooks to give me the answers as I answer the questions intuitively using the energy that I pick up from you. For a moment in my life, I actually suppressed my gifts and didn't use them at all. I would block out the visions and sounds in an effort to just be what is considered normal. From time to time, the Universe and Spirit would send me something or show me something that made me realize what a gift I have. I would have visions of things and not know who they were meant for or even what they meant. It would be a day or a week later and then what I had dreamed about or had a vision of would be in the newspaper, or a friend would tell me a story and it was like dejavu. So my experience has been most of my life, but reading for others, only recently.

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Apr 15, 2019
Apr 15, 2019
hi can i hve free mins xx
Feb 11, 2019
Awesome reading. Clear and fast responses. I'd be happy to return and would highly recommend her. I look forward to my chance meeting. :) Love and light x
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