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Adria Wren
Adria Wren
Love & Relationships
Adria Wren


Allow me to be your guide, and I promise I will assist you through the most difficult aspects of love. I have spent my life as a psychic advisor, with 5 years of professional experience. I feel that it is my calling to provide clear and helpful feedback from spirit in order to best serve you. I specialize in channeling your higher self in order to allow you to touch base with the messages you truly need in order to succeed. I believe that no message is too small, and that my connection with spirit is a gift that I must share with those who need it most. I understand the intricacies of love and deliver only the messages that best serve you. Love is my expertise, and I am able to provide you assistance with karmic, soul mate, and twin flame relationships, which can be incredibly challenging. Having a twin myself, I know the constant push and pull! I would love to use my gift to assist you through any difficult times. I recieve direction and messages from your guides and can connect to your higher self in order to deliver the messages you NEED to hear to make the best of your situation and life. Spend 5 to 10 minutes in my guidance I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I do not sugarcoat or deliver only the messages you want to hear: I believe that we all have the ability to live in light and that spirit will give you the information you need to do so, be it positive or difficult to hear. There are no negative messages, simply messages that will guide you to follow your most beneficial path. Please allow me to serve you in all that you may need. While I so specialize in love, I offer a variety of services, including dream analysis, past life readings, pendulumn and tarot guidance. as well as a variety of other services. I look forward to any assistance I can give to you and am excited to connect both with and for you!


I have been a professional psychic for five years, but have always had this gift. At a young age I decided to harness my abilities and use them to serve my friends and family to the fullest extent that I could. I am so excited to have this opportunity to serve you. As I have mentioned, I specialize in love guidance and have my own personal relationship to soulmates and twin flames: I know it's not easy to connect so strongly to someone and that there is so much confusion and pain that comes with these relationships when they are not understood completely. I want to use my abilities to connect you to source and assist you in finding you best path. My dream is to see you beautiful souls reunited with the ones you love so dearly and will guide you through reunion with twin flame counseling. This is my true passion, and I am so excited to be of service to the online community in this way. I am an empathetic and intuitive soul and can connect with the deep rooted emotions that are often present in these situations. I can also provide a look at your past life connections and blocks in order to serve you now, in the present. These are just a few examples of my specialties but I would love to work on any custom needs you might have, just let me know what you are looking for. I am here to serve you. Outside of this gift, I am also a certified teacher in NYS and specialize in emotional and behavioral disorders--I understand that emotions are difficult to regulate and that there are a million intrinsic things that are at work in our minds in the 3D realm that do not always serve our spiritual selves. Please, reach out, I am excited to connect and serve you!

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