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Hi, I'm Adeena I am a gifted intuitive psychic reader with the ability to help guide and navigate you through all love, marriage and relationship problems. ~ I specialize in reuniting loved ones, relationship repair, twin flame attraction and life path correction, relationship cleansing and healing, relationship coach, and guru. ~ My readings and services are all done with the light and positive energy as I am an intuitive light worker. ~ There is no problem too big or too small that I cannot help you overcome.~All questions and concerns welcome. ~ Contact me today for a better tomorrow!


I have over 27 years of experience In deep energy readings. this unique gift gives me the ability to tap directly into my client's energy and life path. I do not use Tarot cards, Crystal ball or any type of tools for my readings unless it's requested by the client. ~ I am an intuitive light worker this gift has been passed down to me through the family. I received this gift at a young age and I've been helping clients overcome their problems in love, marriage and relationship ever since. ~ There is no situation or problem insignificant or difficult that I cannot help you overcome. ~ My priority is to help guide and navigate you to the highest quality of life and relationship.


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very helpful to the Maximum ! and accurate
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