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Divine Reader Aaron
Divine Reader Aaron
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Divine Reader Aaron


Hello dear ones! I am an intuitive, empathic messenger of the Divine Feminine, at your service. I am also a Reiki practitioner and sound healer. It is my passion and mission to assist you in the rediscovery of your true nature so that you may water the blossom of your most desired reality. After connecting with you and your energy, I am in direct contact with Divine Feminine energy. I work with the energies of Freyja, Kwan Yin, Athena, Lakshmi, and many other messengers of the Great Divine Feminine. Reading the vibrational energy of the moment with Divine guidance, I can give you insight into your life’s path, career choices, relationships, and how to connect to and use your talents, skills, and spiritual gifts. Please note that the future consists of probabilities, and as such I will not be able to give exact dates/times of events that may occur. My services offer clarity to available paths, and those among them that carry more gravity in this perfect present moment. It is my mission to anchor in Divine Feminine energies on the planet, to assist in the rebalance the polarity of masculine and feminine, and assimilate them harmoniously. You are here because you are beautiful, free, loved, and warmly welcomed! You are a limitless being! I am overjoyed to serve and empower you by utilizing my gifts to illuminate yours! Many Blessings.


I discovered my abilities as a psychic through music. I was born into music, into telepathy, into alternate means of communication. My heart and Spirit have been an open receptacle my whole life. At some point, I was guided by Spirit to produce sound healing music, and at that point, began to officially give guidance using my intuitive abilities. Along the way, I began receiving guidance from Divine Feminine energies to balance the overage of male energies we see in our world today. As a result, I have been conducting readings, intuitive coaching and advising sessions for several years. Interpreting energy in forms beyond the five senses is second nature to me; when I am in touch with Spirit, I hear a specific kind of music, and sense specific vibrations of color and wavelength. The connection can be initiated by me, but also comes of its own volition. When Spirit is present, I connect effortlessly to the energy of other beings, and am given a wide array of shifting perspectives in which to see present circumstances, help to release fears and obstacles, obtain vibrational alignment, and embrace our true Loving nature. In addition to producing sound healing music and performing live sessions, I have a decade of meditation and consciousness training that have well prepared me to provide this service.

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May 20, 2018
Excellent reader. Connected with him. Reading was clear and resonated with my situation. Very powerful reader. Wasn't necessarily what I wanted to hear but rather what my soul needed to hear.
May 11, 2018
accurate, straightforward and right to the point:)
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