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Achharya Jaydev will Reveal your Hidden Secrets of Future, from your Horoscope about & relationship, Career, Money, Job, Business, Child, Education, Future Planning, Pregnancy, Finance


I have 33 years vast experience of horoscope reading. I have written many articles and research work on many astrology topics. 120 degree relation and effect of planets. Speed of Moon and Mercury, effect and affect. Planning for pregnancy, with planet movement. 42 to 49 years strange period of opposite transit of Uranus.. My true prediction..... Barak Obama will Re-elected.......(2012) Retrograde Mars will make Air-crash/High jack, Blooded event, Mass attack before July 2014.......( 1st march 2014) On 6th April 20/20 final cricket match, Indian team will have a poor performance...and will loose... (5th April 2014) had invited me for a Lecture on Secrets of Astrology and Secret of Mantras.


He's brilliant
He is so wise with his predictions and even such accurate time frames. I really appreciate your talent. You have told me a lot of things I didn't know of yet. Thank you so much.
Conflicting but will wait and see and if predictions occur I'll post a very positive review
TY TY TY TY!! xx
Good reading!
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