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I have been psychic for as long as I remember. I used to talk to imaginary friends as a child who always spoke back to me. My grandma is also a clairvoyant. I am about to connect with spirit and I use tools such as my pendulum, tarot cards and angel cards to aid my readings. I specialise in relationship readings, family and home. I also used to work as a mental health nurse and life coach and counsellor, so please ask me to draw upon these skills to help you find you path to happiness and freedom.


I had my first experience of my psychic ability after my father passed away. I was getting readings myself to connect with him, then started noticing I could do that, and other things without the aid of a psychic.I stared to see orbs and hear voices of spirits trying to connect with me.I also found I was able to make predictions and have premonitions which were always accurate.I am a trained counselor and have had s lot of negative, and positive life experiences which enables me to empathize with people in their current situations.If you want an honest and accurate reading, please message me and I will answer your questions, uplift your spirits and guide you along the right path of life. I often connect with those have passed on and see them in my third eye. I descend into another world and there I find a bridge where, those who have passed will meet me upon calling them. There I will meet your family members and give you the messages they want you to hear. Come to me if you miss a beloved, are sad and can't go on. I will show you that they are still here in spirit. They love you and want you to know that.


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