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Hi. There :) . Do you need guidance or are confused about something that has been on your mind? I would love to help you find clarity and/or give you closure on any given situation.  My name is Victoria.  I am a 3rd generation psychic and medium, and my gifts have been passed down to me from my great grandmother. Respectfully speaking, although some psychics do use cards, crystal balls, etc. to get in touch with the astral plane, I do not use these tools to aid me. I rely soley on energies as my guide, and have for years. I'm able to tune into anyone's energy and see elements of their past, present, and future.  I also have the abilities to tune in and sense what someone has been thinking and feeling. You may feel fear, anxiety, and doubt before receiving my answer because you may not know what to expect. What I ask everyone is to be as calm as possible because certain negative energies and emotions can cloud your energy and alter the way I do my reading. With that said, remaining positive is key regardless of what you may think the outcome is. I mainly assist on topics such as dating, relationships, friends, family matters, and job related circumstances. However, I am able to help give you clarification on other subjects as well. I am straightforward and don't believe in telling people just anything. I  would also love to give you a better understanding of yourself, situations around you, people close to you, and those on your mind. By speaking with me, I will also assist you with finding out which aspects within your life that you urgently need to focus on and learn about. With my guidance, I can also help you find new ways to think and live so that you can accomplish more and live your life with fulfillment and satisfaction. Please note that I do not provide legal or medical advice, I do not cast spells/curses, and I do not provide distance healings. With all of that said, if you feel that I might be able to help you with your question/questions, feel free to connect with me.  


I was born psychic. As I mentioned earlier, I was blessed with this amazing gift from my great grandmother. We are the only two in our family remaining that are psychic, and I am so blessed to still have her around! With her being psychic herself, she has greatly helped me understand and sharpen my abilities.  I have generally been aware of my gifts for as long as I could remember. I remember as a child knowing who was calling as the phone rang, surprising peers in elementary school by instantly knowing their name upon first meeting them, recalling events of the past to family members before I was born, and making future predictions that had always came true. However, although I had these amazing capabilities,  the more that I grew up and throughout middle school and high school, I was a really shy and reserved person. I knew that I was slightly different, and used to feel out of place. Like most middle school and high school students, all I wanted to do was fit in.  I have always had the best family support, as they understood me more due to my great grandmother being psychic, but I didn't know how admirable and useful my gifts really were to other people, until my senior year of high school.  I was motivated by my best friend to just be myself, and I really thank her for that because she's helped me really come out of my shell and show everyone the outgoing and upbeat person that is admired by most that I know and come across today.  I now really enjoy what I do, and am blessed to have this ability. I have connected and helped so many amazing people both offline and online. It's really a good feeling to know when you've really helped someone that has had something on their mind. I have helped all walks of life. I have had many of these same people contact me again to tell me how amazing my accuracy is. I have also had most of these same people refer their friends and family members to me. I am now generally known as the go-to person in my city for friends and strangers that I'm introduced to that need my assistance. As of right now, I am currently in college for psychology, to utilize my gifts towards a profession that I admire so deeply!  




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very good
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Dec 13, 2017
very positive and insightful readings!! Thank u!
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