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I can provide you with the truth. Here are the categories of truth: timing, enlightenment, location, joy, banishing, courage, communication, love, wellness, success, creativity & abundance. The universe has provided tools to enhance psychic services and I utilize them: pendulum, boards, tarot, oracle, crystals and other source objects. Positivity attracts positivity! Heart Chakra & Crown Chakras are my specialty!!!


My experience is primarily as an angel message reader. I take a gentle organic approach to life and do not interfere with the natural flow of abundance. Angel messages are basically mediumship between you & I, and Heaven. I believe in transparency and divine solutions.My experience derives from my childhood- I was born an intuitive, reading minds is a skill I'm comfortable with. Experience has taught me that divine messages require openness & sincere willingness to hear what spirit says- for both the client AND counselor. There is no limit to the abundance in the Universe, in particular spiritual, mental and physical healing.


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