I have always known I had gifts. They came to me just like the last 4 generations of women in my family. My grandmother read playing cards for many years. My mother, skilled spirit work. She received messages from many who passed on and my grandmother after passing aided her in her channeling as well. Since as far back as I can remember, I've received messages via channeling. I recall as far back as second grade, having dreams that later manifested. As I grew older, I was able to recall these dreams and change the outcome of a situation I was in. I see things in the Tarot and Runes beyond the images on the cards. This sight comes deep within my intuition. My Ancestors, Angeles and Guides aid me. I am empathic; able to strongly, energetically connect to people and their higher selves. I have a deep inner knowing of how situations are or will be. I help people gain insite in their daily and spiritual lives. I want to help you find the answers you seek and to know what you path hold in store for you. My compassion and desire to help people and share the messages given to me. Each persons situation is important to them and because if this it is important to me. I want you to receive what you need and want to know.


I've been reading and interpreting dreams for 27 years. Each type of tool, Tarots, Runes, Playing cards, all give images that stand out to focus upon your situation. I take those images and intuitively decipher meaning by what the either spiritually or mundanely represent. I use a lot of Playing Cards or Minor Arcana Tarot for daily "life" situations....money, career and love etc. I am versed in Tarot for those needing Spiritual insight and direction. Ive experience in clarifing the deeper meaning of readings and how to best utilize the information given. I have developed my own system for incorporating Numerology in my readings, that most dont. I can tell you how you Astrological signs affect current situations. I have been balancing and healing chakras for 15 years. Creating a aligned spiritual and physical balance for those needing healing. My very first set of Runes I created the old ways...carving then out of wood and bonding with the energies of the act. This bond that happens with my tools and guides has gained strength through consistant use and blessings from those guides aiding me. I have EXTENSIVE skill in interpreting dreams. Im able to quicky access if a dream is based off current issues or if there are messages from you guides or ancestors. Both of which help you understand the messages you need to hear. My Oracle work allows me to give positive messages from higher beings to help you reach a better you. I work with Angel, Crystal, Animal, and Buddhist inspiration Oracle decks....all give me wisdom and enlightenmentI want to share with you Namaste

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