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Psychic Aaron
Psychic Aaron
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Psychic Aaron


I'm a tarot reader who specializes in the areas of Relationships, Career, Money, and Health. If you are unsure what direction your love life is heading in, are contemplating leaving your job for a new career path, are wondering how to manifest money in your life, or need advice about a current medical issue, I am here to help and will provide you with the guidance you need. These are only a few of the issues I have skills in helping with. My goal is to provide clarity in your life and help you overcome any obstacles you are faced with. To do that, I have the ability to utilize different tarot spreads to offer more in-depth readings. These spreads include the TRUE LOVE spread, CAREER PATH spread, THREE CARD spread, and SUCCESS spread. Also, if you have a question that needs a simple YES/NO answer, I can help with that. I'm very open-minded and will be honest in each and every reading. Let the cards guide you on your life's journey.


I developed my Tarot reading skills over the years by surrounding myself with other readers and psychics, all of whom have their own unique techniques and interpretations. With all this exposure, I became well equipped to take on the task at hand of providing guidance to others through the magical world of Tarot. With much studying and experience under my belt, I am able to bring clarity and better insight into one's life. Every year I attend multiple spiritual programs that have Tarot discussions included. These teachings have provided me with great insight into various areas, such as relationships, money, career, and health. With my skill set and unique interpretations of Tarot cards, I will provide you with a life-changing and spiritually uplifting experience. My love for the Rider-Waite Tarot motivates me to study on a regular basis and to expand my knowledge. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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