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I am a psychic tarot card reader, I work with the spirit guides, I even use cosmic aura and numerology to predict the future possibilities. I am a relationship expert who with the help of the spirit guides, help people to improve their relationship energy levels in positive direction. I believe in loving every soul, because every soul deserves to be loved. I am also a Reiki healing master grade A, I can perfrom distant healings. I link with my guides and your auric energy, then consult with a tool of divination of your choice, for example the cards or crystal, then bring your guidance through. You have the power to steer your own destiny, but confirmation in your reading will help you get to where you want to be. Together we can tap into your own inner power.


Psychic from birth 15 years Psychic, astrologer 8 years Numerologist, 9 years Reiki healing, 5 years as Ghost buster, 8 years Relationship Councillor, 5 years Spiritual workshop organiser (My motto)❤️???? "Helping is the best inspiration" (About me) ??????? My life is full of happy moments, so i inspire people to live a beautiful and happy life by helping others and putting a smile on their face. I am a relationship expert who with the help of the spirit guides help people to improve their energy levels in positive direction and guide them towards a better life. I believe in loving ? every soul, because every soul deserves to be loved. I never used my skills for commercial purpose till date, all people i helped throughout my life were family members, friends, friends of friends and their relatives. Everybody loves me and have faith in my guidance. (I have a total 15 year's of experience in the field of spirituality and over 10,000 satisfied client's) (True story) I have helped many to get back their partner with love and more energy connection. Once i saved a relationship from a dramatic ending just because they had some misunderstanding regarding each other and now they both are happily married and living a positive life.

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