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My '' Specialty '': ✿Soulmates✿ and relationship ♡ ❤ ♡ Loving ♡ ❤ ♡ I developed some methods and would like to introduce you guys! ♡ Love Method ♡ 24 letters ✔ It shows the hidden truth that is within the situation ❤ what your eyes cannot see !!! this method has 8 questions inside it, and lasts for 35 minutes⌚, it is a very enlightening game and it works for people who are very confused, because it goes to the root of the problem and shows the reality of the whole situation ☀ To I do the AstMandala Astológica❂ the mandala covers 13 areas of your life in general, (financial life), (family life), (social life), (love life) and many others, it shows and indicates where you are hitting and where you are erring, giving a right direction to where you should go ☀ it lasts 60 minutes ⌚ the same duration as. . ❤Mandala Amorosa❤ which also addresses 13 areas of love life only !!! ....... For those looking for less time-consuming methods I advise the Methods: (✿Centro Pensamento✿) (✿Feelings✿) (✿Peladan✿) (✿Relationship✿) ........ I work with the * Gypsy Deck * and together with the cards, I work with the colors and the crystals during the game !!! These energies are emanating from my consultants with the intention of clearing the auric field! so, I also work with the flame (silver violet) and with blessings to ban NEGATIVE energies and invocation of POSITIVE energies, I understand that my work is complete !!! .. and not just a game of questions and answers ... Yes a game with clarifications and cleanings, that I perform in order to solve the querent's problems! cleaning the energies giving mental clarity and light at the end of the tunnel !!! I always work with the truth but with a lot of respect !! my motto is to do what is possible to help those looking for me. Consultants often want to read good things ... but it's not always like that! I have Ethics and I will not lie to please !!! Unfortunately, some people do not understand and do not accept! And for that reason, they can criticize my work, But I studied and I have enough mediumship, to know how to read my letters and pass on their messages to people who come to me! Again, I work with the TRUTH and it will always be said !!! donate to those who hurt! IF YOU ARE HERE TODAY READING MY PROFILE .. Know that you were handpicked (Deity) that accompanies me! It will be a pleasure to assist you !!


I entered the mystical world at the age of 14, I studied and still study all the religious doctrines that I can, with the intention of obtaining more learning, I knew Wicca at the age of 14 and I learned a lot, mainly about nature and the elementals, I learned to draw cards karma through a Wiccan friend, but I sailed to other places because the mystical world is infinite and I, as curious as I am, went where the spiritual took me and forgot about the letters for a long time, but the destiny took me to the path of cartomancy again. I met a lady who takes out all kinds of oracles, and I asked her to teach me some oracles, so she put on the table, the runes, tarot, angels' tarot, of the witches the orisha's gypsy. Gypsy grandma's finally asked me to choose one and I chose the gypsy deck !! there at that time she was already teaching me the basics and in a few days I was already taking the letters to friends, relatives very easily !!! and then I delved into the gipsy deck, studying hard and to this day I study! and it will be like this for a long time !!! because I love what I do. So I started taking it out to people close by, then I took it out on the street, sitting right on the floor! with a towel and the experiences I had were wonderful. I was initiated as a healer of the kilombo and that is why I carry out this healing work, as my intention is always to help, I studied some holistic therapies, but the one that I went deeper into was chromotherapy and crystallotherapy and I use these energies as I am drawing the cards.

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amazingly accurate
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this is good! thank you 🙏 so much
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