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Intuitive Insight
Intuitive Insight
Natal Chart Reading
Intuitive Insight


I am an intuitive and empathetic astrologer that reads natal charts and can also provide tarot services. My natal chart readings cover numerous areas from love and romance to finance and career. I can also answer any smaller questions that you may have about your life, relationships, or general direction. Charts can be very revealing and may fill in gaps that previously you could not make sense of. Charts and the information that they contain are a small piece of the puzzle that makes up the bigger picture, ultimately, our lives. No question is unwelcome and I will do my absolute best to give thorough and personalized information to all of my clientele. Reading charts and engaging in other occult practices is a passion of mine and I will not be satisfied unless you are satisfied. If you have any further questions during or after reading that you would like further clarification on, we can discuss contact details for a brief follow-up post-reading. Thank you for your time!


I have been studying astrology and other forms of occult divination and healing for 6+ years now. During this time, I have learnt a lot both about myself and the crafts that I have become so familiar with. Over time, it feels somewhat that astrology simply became second nature to me; some examples would be guessing new friends' chart placements such as their Sun or Moon signs accurately on, frankly, an overwhelming number of occasions. I believe that my focus and passion for the topic is what allowed me to obtain a fuller understanding of this subject. A lot of observation, reading and intuitive-based work was done in order to ascertain what I have from astrology so far. As well as providing answers to any questions you may have, I hope to be able to assist those that wish to learn more about astrology and so any questions related to understanding chart reading as a beginner or novice are welcome as well.

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Jan 21, 2021
AstroShan was very helpful and thoughtful, highly recommend her to understand your path
Jan 19, 2021
thank you very much for such a detailed reading.
Jan 18, 2021
unsure... I feel like maybe another time I'll come back... I am kinda confused with the reading...
Jan 18, 2021
First Amazing Reading with AstroShan 🤗...
Jan 17, 2021
i’m out of funds but please send me more information if you can. you’re an awesome reader! you’ve helped me so much. thank you 💕
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